Arguing for That Awkward Moment

Brian Deal

I’m going to take some time to talk about a movie that was slammed by the critics. In early 2014 That Awkward Moment, starring Zac Efron (The Lucky One and Neighbors), Miles Teller (21 and Over) and Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle), came out and it did not do well at all. The movie focuses around the three main characters, who are all best friends, and each one finds themselves in a relationship and they all need to figure out if they want to continue the relationship or to end it. It is a situation that everyone can relate to because we have all had to make that decision. In my opinion, that is what makes the movie so enjoyable. Yes, some of the actions and decisions that the characters make are ridiculous and probably unrealistic. However, let us keep in mind that this is a fictional movie and they are making light out of a somewhat serious situation. This is a movie that everyone can relate to and if you watch it with little expectations, you will find yourself with the perfect date night movie.

This is also an opportunity to catch three rising stars in the same movie. These three actors are going to be around in Hollywood for many years to come, and the chemistry and talent you see in them in this movie are evident. If you are a superhero junkie like me, then you will be seeing Teller and Jordan in a couple years in the Fantastic Four reboot as Mr. Fantastic and the Human Torch, respectively. Efron, on the other hand, already is signed up for 6 more movies in the not-so-distant future. These guys will soon be household names in the movie business and there is no better way to see all three of them than in this movie.

This is not the kind of movie that will ever win any kind of significant awards. As a matter of fact, if you are an adult reading this, you also may not enjoy this movie because it is centered on three 20-somethings. However I find it relatable. This movie is potentially thought provoking for anyone in college or recently out of college and is either looking for or is in a relationship. It provides a certain point of view on what being a relationship is all about and perhaps it will give you an idea if you are ready to be in one. This movie is amusing, romantic, deep, and 94 minutes long. I would say that it is more than worth the $1 rental at Redbox if you are looking for a movie to watch one night. This is coming from a man who watched it with three of his male college roommates. 


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