A Prediction: Gone Girl

Kaitlin Olson

Yesterday, I reviewed the book Gone Girl. Today, I watched both trailers for the film (that makes about 20 views each) and am certain that this movie is going to be a huge hit. For starters, let’s review the basics…

This film is directed by David Fincher (The Social Network, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Fight Club) and he certainly won’t disappoint. Many readers are worried how the plot will work with the various narrative devices used in the book. Based on his previous works though, I think Fincher will be able to nail the underlying psychological aspects of the book in a highly creative way on screen. Not to mention it is likely to get nominated for something at next year’s Oscars. Ben Affleck (Argo) plays Nick Dunne in the film and with his experiences in acting, directing and screenwriting I think he will also be able to understand the subtleties of his character and how to portray them on a screen. And just as Nick describes himself in the book, Affleck has a face perfect for punching. Rosamund Pike (An Education) plays Amy Dunne. While she definitely has the look of the Amazing Amy, it will be interesting to see if she can pull off a character with so much depth and so many secrets.

No onto the trailers. The first trailer released is set to a cover of the 1974 Charles Aznavour’s “She,” and it sounds exactly like a song Amy would have chosen herself. For those who haven’t read the book, this trailer may be slightly confusing with all of the imagery. For those who have read the book, it is just a sneak peek into what the movie will be like and wow, is it a thrill. The second trailer reveals more information about the plot, and answers some of readers’ questions about how the structure will work within the film. Either way, the film looks like a true thriller with lots of questions and mysteries to be solved. And as a special treat for those who have read the book, we can just keep on guessing as to what the new ending will be.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, you can watch both here.

Book Summary: On the morning of their 5th wedding anniversary, Amy Dunne disappears. Her husband Nick is dumbfounded, yet shows no signs of remorse. As the police continue their investigation and the community searches for the missing housewife, Nick becomes the primary suspect despite his protests. This thriller tells the story of a marriage gone wrong and makes you wonder if you really know your loved ones. 


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