Another Perspective: Gone Girl

Brian Deal           

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is a story that centers on Nick and Amy Dunne. The book alternates the point of view between the two main characters. One chapter is the day by day of Nick Dunne and then the next chapter is diary entry by Amy Dunne on a certain day. The story begins and you are led to believe that they have the perfect marriage. However, as the story progresses you begin to realize that maybe their marriage isn’t as great as it seems. Nick begins saying that his wife is anti-social and uninterested in anything and Amy begins to wonder if Nick can be trusted at all, and she even begins to fear her own life.

One day Nick comes back from work and finds that his wife is missing and that his living room has been tampered with. An investigation begins and it appears that Nick has a good alibi. However, as the investigation progresses and we read more and more of Amy’s diary entries, we wonder how innocent Nick actually is, despite what he says. The book then progresses into Part Two and things really begin to get interesting and the story has a shocking twist.

The book is the kind of story that leaves you hanging at the end of every chapter and the next thing you know you are done with the book. After reading this book I couldn’t help but wonder how this author can come up with such a twisted and tormented story. The attention to detail this book provides is amazing. It leaves you asking questions throughout, but find comfort in knowing that they are answered as the book goes on. Gone Girl is a twisted yet comical vision on modern day marriage and the extremes people are willing to do in order to find “justice” in a relationship.      

The movie adaptation of Gone Girl will be out in theaters October 3rd and is directed by David Fincher (The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Fight Club). I have confidence that this movie will have as much success as his past movies for many reasons. First, this is not Fincher’s first time doing a movie adaptation of a critically acclaimed novel. He has already done Fight Club and Dragon Tattoo and he did those with much success. Second, Fincher is extremely good at directing a psychological thriller, such as the movies named above, and as well as Se7en. Fincher does an excellent job at making the audience believe it is one thing when it is actually the other. He knows how to make the audience question the credibility of the main character or the narrator. Gillian Flynn, the author of Gone Girl, has already came out and said that ending of the movie is different than the book. She wants the audience to be completely shocked by the ending, even the audience members who have already read the book. This plays to Fincher’s advantage because he is already excellent at keeping the audience guessing.

 Lastly, after reading the book and then viewing the trailer for the movie, I noticed how similar the movie is to the book. This makes me excited because it seems as if they kept the close to the entire plot the same except for the end, which I am perfectly fine with. The ending of the book is a little disappointing, therefore I am looking forward to the direction the movie takes the ending. Simply another reason why I must see this movie!


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