With movies, books, TV shows, and music all at our fingertips, we live in a world where we can (and are expected to) devour these forms of entertainment. There’s a lot of junk out there, but there’s also some really great forms of entertainment. Then there is the special category of entertainment that becomes “critically acclaimed” by a few  experts and is held sacred in the minds of many. While that’s great and all, oftentimes these pieces of work are pretty much crap to the rest of us.

So here we are. Some millenials who love entertainment and are on a mission to review these “critically acclaimed” works and see if they really are good as the critics say (hint: they usually aren’t). In the process, we might also explore trends in popular culture and predict what will be the next big thing. So if you fell asleep during Lincoln, put down The Lord of the Flies after a few chapters, can’t sit through a whole episode of Desperate Housewivesor want to punch a wall whenever you hear a Johnny Cash song- just know that you are not alone and this blog is for you.


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